Hunt, Ritual, Sacrifice:
    The Art Fair as American Icon

      The Fourth International Conference
      on New Directions in the Humanities

      University of Carthage
      Carthage, Tunisia
      July 3 - 6, 2006

      The Sixth International Conference
      on Knowledge, Culture, and Change
      in Organizations

      Monash University
      Prato, Italy
      July 11-14, 2006

                ARTiST  STATEMENT

                ARTiST  RESUME

                CeLeBRATiNG WOMeN  PRoPOSAL

                GALLaP0LLoZA   2005

                EXHiBitioN INDeX



    The Art Fair, American Icon
      American Icons: the People, Places, Events
      that Have Shaped our Lives
      Dennis Hall, editor
      Preager Books
      Greenwood Press

      North American Toys, Games, & Hobbies
      Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Popular Cultures
      Kristi Ward, editor
      Greenwood Press
      Spring 2007