The web designer has an infinate number of color upon her palette. Using "web-safe" colors is no longer a necessity. The 256 color monitors which once limited the internet rainbow have been replaced by viewers with an extensive spectrum of hue recognition.

In web programming each color is assigned a six-digit code. The first two digits indicate the amount of red a color contains. The second two determine the amout of Green, and the final two digits represent the amount of blue saturation. Understanding CSS color coding is quite simple once you understand the system upon which it is based.

Every two digits with in CSS color represent three digits in RGB code. As a means for developing more managable color numbers, early web programmers adopeted a hexidecimal system for converting RGB values into a six digit code.

DECODING THE HEXIDECIMAL SYSTEM requires multiplication and addition.
When given a Hexidecimal code one can arrive at the RGB values by
multiplying the first color digit by 16 and then adding to it the value of the second color digit.

To covert the Hexidecimal code into RGB values

1. Separate the code into color indicators
                  -the first two digits =R
                  -the second two = G
                  -the third two =B

2. Multiply the first number of each color by 16

3. Add the second number of the color to the sum

4. Arrive a the RGB equilivalent

Using Magenta
as the example we mathematically understand the process of RGB/Hexidecimal conversiton

The Hexidecimal Value for Magenta is 993300
Thus   99=Red saturation     33=Green saturation   00=Blue saturation


(3x 16)+3=51

(0 x 16) + 0 = 0)

       The RGB code for Magenta 993300 is R =153 G =51 B =00

In the above colors one will notice that not all the Hexidecimal formulas are written with numbers.
The most frequent letter within this system is "F".
In simpliest terms F= Full saturation.
Numercially F=15, the hexidecimal opposite of 0.

other letters used in this system express two-digit numbers with a single character position:

A =10
B =11
C =12
D =13
E =14
F= 15