Welcome to the cyber-index of projects by Sharon Scott.

The links above lead to projects for the Advanced Web Design course at the Univesity of Louisville, directed by Ying Kit Chan.

The links to the right lead to recent occupations.

This entire site is currently under construction, but please enjoy the content thus far. 


Until WBXH hits the Louisville Air Waves in the Summer of 2006, I recommend the following streaming audio radio stations.  If you need a plug in for your mac I recommend Real Player... most station websites offer free downloads of the player. Enjoy!


Current Experiments

Random thoughts about the dawn of the Internet Age.  Knowledge, Money, Security, Power.  International Networks: Communication and Disruption.

Here are links to recent expiements in cyberarts.  SmartTV is my personal site.  NoLo is a directory of experimental sites I have constructed. 


Recent Art and Intellectual Projects

Zebraman is still considered stolen property.   

The Zapatistas are indigenous rebels in Southern Mexico.  Their specific enemy is globalization.  Funded by the University of Louisville and the Kentucky Foundation for Women, I have been conducting research in Mexico which has brought me to the core of rebel territory.

While working with the dollmakers of Chiapas in November 2004, I commissioned a series of Bush-Diablo dolls.  They are pictured below.  I anticipate returning to Chiapas in December provided there are no military tensions.

I hold Bachelor's degree in English from Vanderbilt University and a Master's degree in Studio Art from the University of Louisville.  I am currently working towards a Ph.D. in the Humanities with a concentration in Studio Art.  It is an interesting alternative to the MFA which is currently unavailable in Louisville.

I have recently completed my first manuscript. Toys and American Culture, An Encyclopedia is schedulded for release with Greenwood Press in the Fall of 2009.